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4 Ft Fences

Our 4 ft fence is a great addition to any backyard. Whether you have children or pets, this fence provides a safe and enclosed environment for them to play and enjoy the outdoors. We will work closely with you to ensure that your fence is installed to the highest standards and meets all of your needs.

4 ft fence

4 ft Fence

This style fence is a staple across America. It's great for keeping in pets and it provides a safe enclosed space for kids and family activities.

Available in Cedar and Pressure Treated Pine

Available in Full Privacy (no gaps between pickets) and Semi-Privacy (gaps between pickets)

4 ft Fence with Trim

4 ft fence that is fully trimmed out. Trim covers the dogears of the pickets, the bottoms of the pickets, and there is a trim board on top of the fence that caps it off. This is a beautiful option for a fence.

Cedar is highly recommended for the best look, but it is available in Pressure Treated Pine as well.

4 ft fence with trim
Kentucky 3 Rail Fence

Kentucky Rail Fence

Kentucky rail fences are a more affordable option that still have an elegant appearance. These are reminiscent of horse ranches and country living. These are made of pressure treated Poplar boards and come with a wire mesh (optional) to keep pets in.

Available at any height, but 4 ft is the most common

Additional styles

Any 6 ft fence styles are available in 4 ft. If there is another fence style you like, please send us pictures of it and we can figure out the best option to meet your needs and preferences.

Horizontal Fence

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